Dalbir Sohi

City Wide Mortgage Services

103 - 1245 West Broadway

Vancouver, B.C. V6H 1G7

TEL: 604-612-2745
FAX: 1-855-609-6906

Dear Customers,

Hello my name is Dalbir Sohi. I have 44 years of banking experience. My most recent position was Chief Executive Officer for Khalsa Credit Union where I served for over 14 years. Now, I would like to put my considerable industry experience to good use as a Licensed Mortgage Planner. I have a strong sense of community, and an extensive active network especially south of the Fraser and within the broad Indo-Canadian market.

Whether you are a first time home buyer, planning to upgrade your residence, buying revenue-generating property, refinancing your mortgage, purchasing commercial property or switching to a new lender for any reason, please contact me for a comprehensive review of your circumstances and for quick/personalized/confidential service.

Based on my varied experience in the financial services sector, I offer expert advice to choose the best mortgage product, whether it be residential or commercial. All financial institutions have different features and options as part of their mortgage package. I will explore these options for you, cut through the red tape and help you select the product best suited to your situation. This may include interest rate, term, amortization or any other number of provisions.

It pays to have a professional in your corner, especially one with extensive experience. I am only a phone call away and you can reach me at 604.612.2745.