Dara Fahy

Senior Mortgage Planner

  • Can I Reduce My Property Taxes?

    The 2011 BC Property Assessments are now available online and many homeowners have received a copy in the mail. This has triggered many inquiries from my clients, wanting to know if they can dispute the assessed value and in turn reduce their tax bill. The simple answer is yes, but is it worthwhile? I recently

  • Where is Your Wealth?

    Will Dunning, Chief Economist for the Canadian Association of Accredited Mortgage Professionals (CAAMP), of which I am a member, wrote an article for the Mortgage Journal called “Keep an Eye on Wealth Effects”. What is the ‘Wealth Effect’? It’s really all about perception…. our perception of wealth, particularly with respect to the value of our

  • Fixed versus Variable rates – Finding the Right Strategy For You!

    Fixed Versus Variable Mortgage Rates – Finding the Right Strategy for You! Many property buyers and current mortgage holders are faced with a major decision: Should you choose a fixed or variable rate? Recent fixed rate increases have made this decision more difficult, as the spread between the two has increased, making the low variable