• Whether you recently purchased a new house or you’re planning a long-dreamt-of remodel, you can feel good about investing in your home, and ultimately your quality of life, with these expert-approved upgrades. A mix of practical updates will better protect your house and make it more efficient, while also creating opportunities to customize for your lifestyle. Although some of these ideas are a big commitment, the result of your investment is a more stylish, comfortable, and functional home. These interior and exterior upgrades add value to your everyday life—and many are great for resale value, too.

    Before beginning any home renovations, be sure to check local building code requirements to ensure maximum safety and compliance.

    1. Zero-Threshold Showers

    Eliminate barriers and get a sleek look by switching to a shower that lacks the lip or edge of a traditional shower floor basin. “Zero-threshold showers are a huge advantage if you’re building your ‘forever’ home or remodeling a primary bathroom to enjoy indefinitely,” says Jamie Gold, a wellness design consultant. “There’s a bit more work and expense involved, but it can definitely be worth it for future-proofing your investment,” she says, referring to the benefits of barrier-free showers for those who are aging or injured. As larger showers continue to trend in bathroom renovations, this accessible design style is both practical and stylish.


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