Shaun Zipursky

Senior Mortgage Planner

  • How to Choose the Best Paper Writing Service

    There are a variety of options available to choose the right paper writing service. There are three options: EssayBox, JustDoMyEssay and SpeedyPaper. Each one of these services has its own advantages and disadvantages. Pick a program that is suitable for your needs and meets the timeframes you specify. EssayFactory EssayFactory is a website that offers

  • Semi-Monthly Accelerated… is it REALLY the same as bi-weekly accelerated?

    One of the most important things that we discuss with our clients prior to closing is how they want their payments to come out of their account for their mortgage payment.  It’s always simple and easy when a client gets paid bi-weekly, however it’s a total different story when someone gets paid monthly or 1st

  • Look how far we’ve come!

    As discussed in today’s Province Newspaper More homebuyers turn to mortgage brokers in arranging their new mortgages. The percentage is up significantly, according the Deloitte report, especially with first-time home buyer and younger Canadian’s. I too find this, however even with repeat buyers I’m finding the need and want for “expert advice” is making home