• As discussed in today’s Province Newspaper More homebuyers turn to mortgage brokers in arranging their new mortgages. The percentage is up significantly, according the Deloitte report, especially with first-time home buyer and younger Canadian’s.

    I too find this, however even with repeat buyers I’m finding the need and want for “expert advice” is making home buyers search for a Mortgage Professional, rather than just walking themselves into their existing bank or mortgage lenders. Some recent clients that just bought their second home last week, took the advice of their Realtor and called me to discuss their new mortgage.. Within a few minutes of talking with them ( and on a weekend 🙂 ) they quickly said “this time around we are looking at not only the rate but we want a MORE flexible mortgage” Their previous mortgage was with a major Bank and when they first shopped around for a mortgage they thought everything was about the best rate…. They quickly found out that although they got a very competitive mortgage rate the pre-payment options and flexibility restraints weren’t what they were looking for.

    “This time around” they left it in my hands to not only find them the best mortgage rate, but also a mortgage that will allow them to make multiple lump sum payments and aggressively pay down their mortgage by increased mortgage payments. They too got a GREAT rate in their mortgage but why settle on just a rate when you can get a “full meal deal mortgage”.

    As I like to say “the best mortgage is one that is PAID off” and the only way to do this is by knowing what your options are, budgeting for them and working on paying it down as you can afford.

    When looking for your next mortgage I urge you to do what SO many more Canadians are doing and look to the advice of a Professional Mortgage Broker.

    I look forward to your comments!

    Shaun Z
    Providing Mortgage Services for 20 years.

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