Karen Boies

Mortgage Planner

  • Write a Google Review – Thank you

    Oh the times, they are a changing! (to be referenced later, stay tuned) Never at any point in history has so much information been available online to us as customers. Whether we are planning a vacation, securing a mortgage or buying a new car, most people are doing their research online, long before they make

  • Mortgages For Women Going Through Divorce Pod Cast with Dr. Duanita

    In July I had the pleasure of talking to Dr. Duanita Elaniak PHD of the Mentoring Store about mortgage planning for women in transition, going through legal separation and/or divorce. Dr. Duanita has also recorded our conversation as a podcast on her site. If you click the link above, it will take you to the

  • Grateful to help

    One of the things that helped me make the choice to leave my secure government job of 23 years, was that it did not matter how hard I tried or how much of myself I gave to the job, nothing was ever good enough. Someone was going to be unhappy each day with the decision