Rowan Smith

Senior Mortgage Planner

  • Will New Bank Pay Mortgage Penalty of Old Bank?

    TRANSCRIPTION OF VIDEO BLOG: Hi, everyone. Rowan Smith from City Wide Mortgage Services. My last video went out, and near the end of the video I made some mention about penalties and banks paying other penalties. I want this video to be short, sweet, and very to the point. The question that I’m answering is,

  • How To Minimize Mortgage Penalties

    TRANSCRIPT OF VIDEO BLOG: Hi, everybody. It’s Rowan Smith with Citywide Mortgage Services. The question I’m here to answer today is how do you minimize your mortgage penalties? The short answer is…you have to pick your lender very carefully. Now, on a variable‑rate mortgage, uniformly across the board, it’s essentially a three‑month interest penalty. However,

  • Did Buyers in August Overpay Just To Take Advantage of Low Rates?

    I came across this article which I thought did a great job of explaining the phenomenon of people rushing out to buy a house in August just to take advantage of lower rates, BUT, they are still low and could go lower yet. Rushing out to buy, just to get a lower rate, but then