Wayne Mah

Senior Mortgage Planner

  • BC Homeowner’s Grant Threshold Increased

    Today, the BC Provincial government announced an increase to the threshold where homeowners would still be eligible for the Homeowner’s Grant. The threshold is now $1.15 million in value. Previously, it was $1.05 million. The basic grant remains at $570 for all that own and live in a property now valued up to a maximum

  • 2011 BC Property Assessments Now Available

    The 2011 BC Property Assessments are now available online. All property owners should be receiving these notices by mail in the next few weeks. However, for a limited time all this information is available at BC Assessment. For those unfamiliar with what this is, the BC Assessment Authority is a Provincial Government agency that annually

  • TD Bank Raises Fixed Rates

    With the bond market yields rising due to concerns about China, Ireland, etc. TD Bank was the first major lender today to increase mortgage rates on terms one to five years. It appears that the 5 year fixed rate will still be under 4% but there is a big jump from where we are currently.