• What time of year should you retire?

    When’s the best time to retire? The timing is not always up to you, but if you can choose, there may be an ideal date. The best date to retire for tax purposes For most Canadians planning their retirement, tax isn’t the primary factor, Laf. However, there are instances when tax can come into play

  • 10 Must-Have Home Upgrades That Are Actually Worth It

    Whether you recently purchased a new house or you’re planning a long-dreamt-of remodel, you can feel good about investing in your home, and ultimately your quality of life, with these expert-approved upgrades. A mix of practical updates will better protect your house and make it more efficient, while also creating opportunities to customize for your

  • Will you make money on your rental property?

    After a strong rise in real estate prices in 2021 and in early 2022, many markets are now seeing weakening home prices. Current rental property owners, as well as new potential investors looking to buy, may be wondering how to determine if a rental property is a good strategy for them. If you are thinking