• Myths and facts of reverse mortgages

    And yet, there are many misconceptions about this financial product, which allows Canadians to borrow up to 55% of a home’s value, tax-free, on properties worth $250,000 or more. With home property values soaring and the federal government tightening traditional mortgage qualification rules through a rigorous stress test, more homeowners are looking to reverse mortgages as

  • 8 Home Renovations that Add The Most Value to Your Home

    It’s always a good idea to renovate some rooms in your house if you are looking to sell. I want you to remember to SELL IT RIGHT, which means doing the upgrades and renovations properly for your homebuyer. It means staying away from “lipstick and mascara” fixes that are covering up major issues with the

  • 15 Home-Staging Essentials

    Start With Curb Appeal First impressions matter, so make your home stand out the instant buyers pull up to the curb. Some upgrades can be done in a weekend and will cost more in sweat equity than actual dollars. A few suggestions: rent a pressure washer to remove dirt and grime from your siding, roof,