• Top 5 Ways to Improve your Credit

    Don’t open any new creditor accounts. If you already have enough credit cards etc…please don’t open or take out any new loans. A new loan will report on your credit score as an R0 and will be considered “too new to rate” and will take big points bite off your credit score.  Pay everything on

  • Before you renew…call!

    It always surprises me when I hear people say they simply renewed with their existing bank or mortgage lender. With today’s historically low rates compared to just a few years ago, it’s important not to be too quick to renew or refinance your mortgage with your existing lender until you check out all your options.

  • How to speed up your Mortgage Approval

    HELPFUL TIPS ON SPEEDING UP A MORTGAGE APPROVAL   Find all your tax info for the last 2 years (just in case we need to use overtime income, part time income etc or if you’re self employed. Ensure your cheques (used for the pre-authorized withdrawals and account ownership confirmations) are pre printed and not blank