• What is your credit worthiness?

    This week one of our lenders sent an email to remind us how they look at a mortgage application for a client. They call this the 5 C’s of Credit. I thought you might find it interesting. “Remember it’s not how nice or good they are, but whether they qualify for the loan. Character –

  • Your Credit Score

    I had the pleasure of meeting with a young professional woman this week who was interested in seeing if she would qualify for a mortgage so she could invest in her own home. During our meeting she expressed concern about having her credit checked and the impact on her ability to get a loan. When

  • Happy New Year …. With Christmas Debt?

      “Happy New Year” isn’t exactly what comes to mind when the credit card bills arrive and it’s time to pay up on all those Christmas Purchases.  According to a recent Bank of Montreal poll, 24% of Canadians who carry over a balance on their credit cards after Christmas said it would take them at