• Why use a Mortgage Broker?

    Even though Mortgage Brokers now originate about 30% of all mortgages in Canada many people still don’t understand what we actually do. Amazingly, many clients when they first talk to me think Mortgage Brokers only deal with people with bad credit and that we charge huges fees. Yes, we do assist people to get back

  • Time to lock-in?

    This past week provided a dramatic shift in the outlook for future mortgage rates. For the past few months things were very “boring” as rates remained stable and economic data showed miniscule bits of positive news. However, during the last few days we saw Australia raise their key lending rate by 0.25%, Canada’s latest employment

  • Why rates change?

    Why did rates change? A brief explanation on why mortgage rates change despite the Bank of Canada not making any changes. This originally aired on the weekly telecast of Radio Real Estate Show on Talk AM1410 in Vancouver.