• There’s something uniquely captivating about watching something dormant come to life, especially when you’re nurturing it along the way. Unsurprisingly, during the pandemic, many Canadians embraced container and backyard gardening for the first time, and indoor potted plants seem more popular than ever.

    You might think you need a patch of outdoor space to grow something tasty (beyond that sourdough starter!) but that’s not the case. Here are five delightful edible plants to try your hand at cultivating this summer and beyond. Bonus: all can be grown year-round, and some take just a few days to go from seed to harvest.

    There’s been a bonafide boom in at-home mushroom-growing over the last year, but ready-to-go kits have been commercially available for decades. If it’s your first time growing fungi at home, start with a pink oyster kit, suggested Judith Noël Gagnon, a biologist and co-owner of Mycoboutique. “It’s good in summer because it loves heat and the higher temperature,” said Noël Gagnon. “It’s really aggressive and it’s beautiful. I mean, when you grow that, it’s like a bouquet in your kitchen.”

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