• Making the decision to move can feel overwhelming. You’ve likely been settled in your current home and neighbourhood for a while and changing location, packing up and moving, and restarting your life in a new area will take a lot of work. It can be easy to just stay where you are, but moving is often the right choice – especially if you’re in need of a fresh start. It’s hard to truly know if moving is the right decision at any time, but these are five of the most common signs that you might be ready to move.

    1. It’s the Best Financial Decision

    When your financial situation has changed for the better or the worse, a move might be the next necessary step for you.

    Your Monthly Payments are Tight

    If you’re finding that your current income can’t support your housing and living costs, or you could see it being a problem in the future, consider a move that will put you in a more comfortable position financially. You have plenty of options you can explore. For example, there’s the option of downsizing to a smaller, more affordable home. Or, you can consider moving into a new city that has more affordable housing. Either way, if your budgets are tight, it’s essential you act quickly. Moving to a home that aligns with your budget will help you avoid debt and can reduce financial stress in your life.

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