• With your backyard being the new summer hangout, it’s about time to spruce it up. But what if your budget is already stretched tight?

    Well, if you don’t mind getting your hands a bit dirty, we’ve got just the ticket: eight oh-so-easy outdoor DIY projects that will keep you busy on these long summer days while you stay home and add some serious charm to your yard.

    From homemade swings to whimsical wind chimes, this list has a little something for everyone. So go ahead and block off the weekend for some easy, outdoor DIY fun, and then check out these inspiring tutorials to get started.

    1. DIY wind chimes

    Nothing will keep the Zen vibes of your outdoor space going strong quite like a set of handmade wind chimes.

    “The right wind chimes add a natural melody to the background of your backyard oasis,” says Vicki Liston of On the Fly DIY.  “If you aren’t a fan of the more clangy versions, this bamboo set offers a more subtle sound. The organic look of the bamboo is also perfect for a tropical-style patio.”

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