• One of the things that helped me make the choice to leave my secure government job of 23 years, was that it did not matter how hard I tried or how much of myself I gave to the job, nothing was ever good enough. Someone was going to be unhappy each day with the decision I made or the one I did not make.

    It’s been almost 4 years since I walked out the security doors to a brave new world as a self employed, independent business woman. Each day I wake up free to create a GREAT DAY. I get to make a difference in the lives of those who seek out my help with their mortgage purchase.

    This week I received an update from one of my clients on their move and along with the update came this message:
    “Once again I cannot thank you enough for all you have done to assist us through this process. If we had not been subject free on our offer I’m quite certain we would not have been successful in purchasing our new home. We have you to thank for that Karen and we are truly grateful for your help. Of course, will be anxious to pass your name along to friends who may benefit from your services. Sharon M. North Vancouver“

    This simple thank you fills me up with great joy and pride. I am truly grateful for the opportunity to help this family make one of their biggest financial decisions, with the confidence they needed.

    The clients had made other offers but they had did not have the information they needed to make a subject free offer. So they got to the point where they had to move out the home they just sold, without having a new home to move to. Pretty stressful for most couples with 2 young children.

    They had been working with their bank – one of the big 5. The banker did give them a “rate” and “pre-approval amount”. The banker not explain in detail the process – what to expect along the way, what the closing costs were, what the closing process was and much more.

    I took the time to understand what was important to my client about buying their new home and securing the right mortgage, along with understanding their long term plans. I also made sure I knew my client from the point of view of what the lender would expect. I helped educate my clients so when we were done with this process, the clients had the confidence to make the subject free offer for their new home.

    They are happy and I am happy for them….another great day as a mortgage planner.

    I’d love help you too. Give me call 604-726-9550

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