• “Stick to a budget” is one of the most common pieces of advice you’ll hear if you’re trying to save money. But not everyone wants to make decisions according to a spreadsheet—and there are many ways to manage your money that don’t involve a budget. Often, a simple, critical look at your regular expenses can reveal unnecessary spends or untapped rewards that can translate to serious savings. In this article, we’ve gathered some simple strategies and practices that can help you save—without necessarily giving up your daily latte.

    Look at how you bank

    Look at the banking services available to you—these are designed to help you manage your money, as well as save more money.

    Check out promotional offers

    As the financial services industry has become increasingly competitive, banks have begun to offer promotions designed to attract new clients. And some are incredibly lucrative. Take, for example, the current HSBC offer where you can earn up to $1,500 in value back when you open an account. You’ll get a bonus for opening an account with them (up to $350 when you apply online), plus additional incentives for setting up payroll or pre-authorized debit, making online bill payments, sending foreign exchange wires and more.

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