• Shopping around for a mortgage can be intimidating, and when you’re never sure what little surprises life has in store for you, it’s a daunting prospect to have to select just the right mortgage for your situation. Yahoo Canada Finance spoke with two experts who help navigate the tricky world of mortgages, and offer some advice on how best to brace for any surprises along the way.

    Jumping into the competitive housing market

    For young professionals living in big Canadian cities, like Toronto and Vancouver, where housing prices continue to climb year after year, it’s easy to want to buy fast, to get in on the real estate market while there are still some almost-affordable houses. On top of that, lenders are offering very low interest rates right now, so it’s hard to resist the lure of getting in while the market is up and rates are low.

    Full story here: https://ca.finance.yahoo.com/blogs/insight/making-sense-of-your-mortgage-options-181222199.html

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