• From the YMCA about the support of Citywide to the Woodwards Childcare Centre:

    Thank you so much again for your generous support of the Woodward’s YMCA Child Care Centre. It has been about 6 months since the Inaugural Citywide Mortgage Services Nine and Dine so I wanted to give you an update on all that was accomplished because of you. I have also attached a few photos from the last few months at the centre.

    Thanks to you all vulnerable children at the Woodward’s YMCA Child Care Centre are getting the best start in life. It’s amazing what a difference it makes for the entire life of a person based on whether they were successful at kindergarten. I’ve been by the centre many times lately and have had the opportunity to witness the impact of your support. Here is a story of one family in particular that has really benefited from your support.

    Jen, a young mom living on the Downtown Eastside, joined the Woodwards YMCA Childcare Centre in September. Just weeks before joining, she split up with her partner and was all of a sudden a single mom trying to make ends meet on her own. She had lacked supports her entire life and had no idea how to be a good parent.

    Even through all the turmoil she was determined to give her son, Cedar, all the supports he needed to get the best start at life.

    Since starting at Woodwards the staff have seen incredible growth in Jen and Cedar. When they first arrived Cedar was a handful. He had never had toys before so he didn’t know how to play with them or with the other kids. Through consistent and attentive care from the staff he started to settle in and learned to focus on the activities and play nicely with the other children.

    With Cedar at the centre, Jen had more time to focus on getting her life back on track. She registered for school and is studying to be an early childhood educator. She is also benefiting from all the extra support provided by the centre including working with the family support worker and taking home healthy food bags and frozen meals.

    The stability and consistency of care provided by the program have really helped both Jen and Cedar. Jen is learning more about how to care for her son and has gained an appreciation of parenthood and how important early years are.

    Being at the centre has also made their family stronger. After being part of the program for six months they are both thriving. Cedar is a confident, sweet boy and Jen is scheduled to graduate from her program in August.

    This family is just a small example of how important your gift is. The fact that you were there for them means they have a chance to grow and thrive and really have a chance at a better future. “

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