• Metro Vancouver voters reject new transit tax; Vancouver and Surrey may still go it alone

    By Kelly Sinoski, ROB SHAW AND TIFFANY CRAWFORD, Vancouver Sun July 2, 2015 9:54 PM

    Read the full article at the Vancouver Sun Website | Source: Vancouver Sun

    Metro Vancouver mayors and the B.C. government are in a standoff over who’s responsible for funding transportation after the region’s voters — many in transit-deficient areas south of the Fraser — roundly rejected a half-a-percentage-point sales tax hike to help pay for a $7.5-billion 10-year plan.

    Mayors warn the defeat, which saw 61.7 per cent of voters reject the tax, will mean cuts to existing service levels across the region, especially with falling fuel tax revenues and no inclination to raise property taxes or fares. There are fears higher ticket prices would reduce ridership system-wide.

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