• Congratulatons! It is an exciting and sometimes turbulent time when you make that offer to purchase and then wait for the final approval for your mortgage loan.

    I prepared a video that I send to my clients when I get the good news that they have found the new home they want for themselves and their family. I walk you through the process from when I submit your application to the lender for approval, until you are the owner of your new home.

    In the video I refer to a document that I’ve called, What Happens Next. I want to share this document with you, please send me an email Karen@mortgagecentrebc.com or Facebook http://www.facebook.com/MortgageForDivorce.KarenBoies I will forward the document to you.

    If after watching the video you have any questions, please call me 604-726-9550 or send me your questions via email or Twitter @KarenBoies.

    Thank you for viewing the video and leaving your comments.

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