• Often times we tend to look at problems reactively than proactively. This is why we suggest you look at waterproofing your basement. Waterproofing can help to protect your investment from potential damage that can occur in your home which can lower the value of your home if it’s listed in the future.

    Some signs of a leaky basement may be pronounced, while some are not obvious. Many obvious signs show that you have a leaky basement. One indication is what is we called the presence of efflorescence. It is a deposit of a thin white film on the walls. It is what is left by water that contains minerals and other odours from the soil.

    Dampness is another big sign that you have a leaky basement. Still, you should also check out for other things like metal fixtures or rusting nails, rotting wood near the floor level, lifted floor tiles, rusted metal feet on appliances and peeling paint.

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