• Merix Financial has just announced a below prime variable, the lowest nationally-advertised variable rate product in over a year.

    Merix is now offering a 3 year variable rate at Prime – .25%. Now of course there are some conditions.

    The Conditions:

    • Must close within 30 days.
    • Purchase and refinance only.
    • NO pre-approvals.
    • Owner occupied single family dwelling only.
    • Minimum credit score of 680
    • Minimum amortization of 10 years
    • Minimum mortgage amount of $100K

    Will this force further lenders to lower their pricing on variable rates to match Merix, time will only tell, but we hope so.

    Now Merix Financial is only available through approved mortgage originators, and yes Mortgage Centre City Wide are approved originators, so call us today for approval.

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