• B.C. unveils new rules to limit real estate ‘shadow flipping’ @ BNN

    “For the first time in almost two decades, British Columbia will require real estate purchasers to disclose citizenship details starting next month, as Metro Vancouver’s red-hot housing market fuels concerns about foreign investment. The new requirements, aimed at answering whether foreign ownership is driving up housing prices, go beyond the data that are supposed to

  • Mortgage Unqualified

    Mortgage Unqualified Understanding Co-Signers & Guarantors For younger people and first-time homebuyers, trying to compete independently in Vancouver’s out-of-control-and-ceaselessly-rising real estate market can be next to impossible. As a result, at some point those wanting in may consider alternative lending options; a process which quite often leads back to a parent or family member who

  • 4 changes in B.C.’s hot real estate market @ MoneySense

    “After weeks of acrimonious headlines and months of finger-pointing, there’s been a few developments that should eventually help ease skyrocketing Vancouver home prices. Triple the fine At the end of March, the president of Real Estate Board of Greater Vancouver (REBGV), the provincial trade association that represents British Columbia’s realtors, wrote an open letter to B.C. Premier Christy Clark, criticizing