• checklist2As another calendar year winds down many of us will be making New Year’s resolutions and setting new goals for 2010. One item I would suggest everyone add to that list is to speak with your Mortgage Planner and do an Annual Mortgage Review.

    An Annual Mortgage Review will enable you to manage your debts in a more cost effective way. Working with your Mortgage Planner, you can see if any changes to your current mortgage is recommended. We all encounter changes to our finances (good or bad) as time goes on. Perhaps it would be advisable to early renew the current mortgage to take advantage of current low rates. Maybe your income has changed and changes to your payment schedule should be made to account for this. Also, maybe some of your higher interest rate debts can be better handled with a Secured Line of Credit. For some this may mean not only saving money on the interest but perhaps more manageable payments as well.

    There are so many other possibilities that may arise from a review annually.

    So add the Annual Mortgage Review to your list and  give your Mortgage Planner a call. I am sure they would be happy to hear from you.

    This is one New Year’s resolution that you can easily keep.

    Happy New Year!

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