• BCA_logo2010 BC Property Tax Assessments began arriving in the mail today for all property owners.

    For those that are not familiar with what these are, this is the value that the BC Provincial Government estimates is the value of a particular property. All levels of governments then use these valuations for taxation purposes.

    A few things to note about these valuations:

    1. It is an estimate on the property as of July 1, 2009 so depending on where the actual market has gone since then, the actual current market value of each property could be higher or lower.
    2. As no one actually views each and every property in the Province, the value is based on the last noted improvements, age, etc. If an extensive reno was done this may not be taken into account.

    For those of you who are in the market and want to use this data for research, or just want to be nosy, you can view what the 2010 BC Asssessment for each property is at BC Assessment.

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